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Dear Sound Salmon Solutions Family,

We need your support.

In the upcoming session of the Washington State Legislature, budgets are being considered that include a significant increase in funding for Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEGs). SSS is one of 14 RFEGs in the State of Washington that provide grassroots support to salmon recovery through habitat restoration, education, and stewardship by working directly with our communities. Since our inception in 1990 there has been *no* increase in the base funding we receive from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and recently our funding has taken a 52% cut. Clearly, the cost of the work we do has increased dramatically over 27 years and we are long overdue to receive a modest increase. These base funds we receive are vital to supporting our operations and expanding the work we do. These funds derive from two sources: (1) a small fraction of every recreational and commercial fishing license sold and (2) sales of excess salmon carcasses and roe from state run hatcheries.  The market for excess carcasses and roe has bottomed out, leaving license fees as the main source of our base funding. In the current state budget there are two proposed increases in funding sources for RFEGs (1) a modest increase in license fees through the Wild Futures Initiative and (2) project development (“capacity”) funds through the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) Salmon Recovery Fund (SRF) Board.

We need you to contact your state legislators (one senator and two representatives) to tell them you support this increase in funding and to specifically tell them how Sound Salmon Solutions supports you in salmon recovery. You can find out who your legislator is and how to contact them here:

A box will pop up after you enter your address and click “Find My District”. Just click on each legislator’s name to get their contact information.

Legislators treat form letters with a fraction of the importance of a phone call or personalized letter/email. Please take the time to personalize this letter template.

Tell them about your volunteer experience with us, tell them how we provided your scout troop a meaningful service learning experience, tell them how we assisted you as a landowner in developing a habitat restoration project on your land, tell them about the hands-on education we’ve provided your students, tell them how our work supports you in being involved in salmon recovery.

Phone calls are awesome, mailed letters are great, emails are good too. Let them know you love us!

We are deeply grateful for all you do for us,

Executive Director