Habitat restoration can be as uncomplicated and humble as assisting a landowner with planting a few dozen native trees and shrubs along their creek bank or as complex and ambitious as excavating new channels connecting tributary streams to their rivers and planting thousands of native trees and shrubs over the floodplain. We partner with landowners, Tribes, government agencies, community groups, businesses and other nonprofits in habitat restoration projects of all kinds throughout our watersheds so that salmon have a home they can return to generation after generation.


Salmon often respond rapidly to our thoughtful, skilled work to restore their home rivers and streams.  Sometimes all it takes to bring salmon back to spawn in a creek where they haven't been in over 50 years is removing a small old collapsing culvert under an abandoned road. Anchor large woody debris to a stream bank and juvenile salmon will quickly flock to the slow flowing protective waters beneath.


Our work also sets the course for self-sustaining habitat to persist long after we are gone. Plant slower growing conifers and they will stabilize soils and cool waters decades later and live for centuries before they finally fall into river to be reborn as in-stream habitat. Reconnect an abandoned side channel to the river and it will provide rearing habitat for juveniles for generations. 

If you are a landowner interested in partnering with us in habitat restoration work on your land or want to learn more about our habitat restoration work please fill out the form below. 

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