Dear Senator/Representative (last name),

Please prioritize funding for Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEGs) and salmon recovery efforts in the operating and capital budgets.  RFEGs have been working at the community level for over 25 years to implement projects on the ground.  Unfortunately, current base funding to RFEGs has declined by 52% in just two years putting this highly-effective statewide program at risk.  


Say who you are, where you live, describe your experience with Sound Salmon Solutions and why it matters to you.  What was the impact SSS has had on you, your business, or community?  If applicable, please describe what is lost if SSS as a RFEGs was not working in your community. 

Please support WDFW’s Wild Future Initiative which includes $1.4 million in the operating budget to support RFEGs to develop and implement salmon recovery projects and related community involvement.  The Salmon Recovery Funding Board’s (SRFB) capital budget request also includes funding for the RFEGs to develop new projects.  This request will also fund salmon recovery grants for a variety of projects, many sponsored by RFEGs. 

For every dollar of state funding provided to the RFEGs, an additional eight dollars is leveraged through on-the-ground work through volunteer efforts and other grants.  Projects to improve habitat, ensure fish passage, and advance state recovery goals are very sophisticated. Landowner engagement and community support are critical. 

Washington State is a leader in salmon recovery built on locally-driven collaborative processes to restore salmon and steelhead to healthy, harvestable levels.  Please help ensure that RFEGs continue to operate as an important part of community-supported salmon recovery in Washington State.  


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