Squeals and giggles. "Ewwwww!" yet they keep wanting to look and touch. "This is what salmon eat? Gross!"  The joyful sounds of connections being made.

We believe information transforms into learning when all our senses engage. The more we learn through experience the better we understand our connections to salmon through our shared watersheds. When you hold a mayfly nymph in your hand you are touching a thread in the food web that connects us all.  

We provide guided hands-on educational experiences in stream ecology, water quality, salmon biology, watershed science and so much more for students of all ages. Our education programs reach broadly into our community at schools, public events, volunteer work parties, guest presentations, and targeted programs for community groups. You can find out more about the field trips and in class lessons we offer for schools and how they align with NGSS here: 


Interested in finding publicly available, high quality resources for educators and students? Check out our resources page! 


To learn more about our education services that connect our communities with salmon recovery, or to schedule an in-class or outdoor lesson, please fill out the form below. We ask that teachers contact us at least a month in advance before the desired lesson date. 

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