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support our commitment to no child left inside

contribute to the school bus fund

Recent budget cuts at the Federal and State level have left organizations like ours in a tight spot.

 Once reliable government support for our education programs has been drastically reduced. We are now challenged to find other sources funding to support the exciting, engaging hands-on classroom and field lessons we offer to local schools. Our biggest challenge lies in securing funding for something so simple yet absolutely essential – school bus rentals. Bus transportation to a hands-on field lesson and salmon habitat restoration tree planting can cost anywhere between $150-$400 per bus depending on location and distance.  For field lessons where more than one classroom participates we may have to pay for 2-3 buses for one event.

Here’s how you can help us do our part to leave no child left inside.        

In response to our critical need for school bus rental funds we have created the SSS School Bus Fund account. Making a donation to the SSS School Bus Fund will help get more of our kids outside getting muddy learning about salmon along the streams and rivers where they live and how we can work together to bring them back.  Your donation will give our students the opportunity to experience the joy of good old fashioned learning by doing in service to salmon recovery.  

You can donate securely online by clicking the button below or mail in a check made out to Sound Salmon Solutions to 1901 B Vernon Rd., Lake Stevens, WA, 98258. Even better yet please feel free to drop by our offices M-Th 8-5 to make your donation in person.

Fuel the School Bus Fund!

Yours with gratitude,

Rodney Pond
Executive Director