The Willow Creek Salmon and Watershed Education Center (WCSWEC) was originally founded  over 30 years ago as the Willow Creek Salmon Hatchery and Aquatic Education Center by the Edmonds based Laebugten Salmon Club as a place where the local community could learn about the salmon life cycle and appreciate the need for salmon conservation to support a robust fishery for generations to come.  Over those 30+ years three generations of the local community have gotten up close and personal with juvenile coho through helping with their rearing at the hatchery and release into local streams and participating in classroom and outdoor salmon education programs thanks to the devotion, persistence, and hard work of the members of the Laebugten Salmon Club and their volunteers. It's a local Edmonds tradition that Sound Salmon Solutions was honored to be asked to carry on in 2017 when we were invited to assume the lease and operations of the facility.  The members of the Laebugten Salmon Club and their dedicated volunteers remain involved as invaluable partners in ensuring the continuity and spirit of their legacy. 

Support our education programs at WCSWEC

Give to the Laebugten Fund! 

In honor of the devoted members of the Laebugten Salmon Club who founded, built, and maintained the facilities and programs at Willow Creek Salmon Hatchery over the past 30+ years our Board established the Laebugten Fund, a restricted account to receive donations exclusively for the support of WCSWEC facilities, operations, and programs. 100% of donations to this fund will be used to support WCSWEC.

Donate to the laebugten fund


The property is owned by the City of Edmonds and is open during daylight hours for quietly enjoying nature.  There is a short trail along the creek. Please stay on the trail and respect the plants and wildlife. Keep pets on a leash and remember to scoop your poop! There's a convenient garbage can next to the hatchery/classroom building.

Programs & Events

SSS provides educational experiences at WCSWEC for all ages about salmon, their life cycle, and their interdependent relationship with humans in the watersheds we share through grant and fee for service funded programs. Please submit any inquiries about educational programming via our Education Program page.

WCSWEC is the site of the annual Edmonds Watershed Fun Fair held the first Saturday in May and the location where Pilchuck Audubon Society holds many wonderful educational opportunities about birds and other wildlife. Check the City's and Pilchuck's websites linked above for details.


WCSWEC features a classroom, an educational micro-hatchery for local coho rearing & release, and outdoor learning space along Willow Creek. The classroom and outdoor space can be rented when not in use.

Please be aware that we require any users of the facility to have insurance and have an insurance certificate issued adding Sound Salmon Solutions and the City of Edmonds as additional insured. 

We also ask that users of the facility, other than SSS (and its partners and volunteers), Laebugten Salmon Club, and the City, to make a suggested donation of $25/hour for facility use to defray our costs in managing the scheduling and upkeep of the facility.  We understand as a small nonprofit ourselves that many of the groups using the facility may not be able to make such a donation and we will gladly accept any amount donated. Inability to make a donation does not preclude you from using the facility.