Evergreen Carbon Capture Event at Stillwater Natural Area 2/4/2017

We could not accomplish what we do without the partnerships we forge with other organizations. Together we leverage resources to provide solid ground and momentum to habitat restoration. Our participation as a Field Partner for Forterra's Evergreen Carbon Capture program on a rainy, cold Saturday along the Snoqualmie River exemplified bringing together the complementary strengths of two nonprofit organizations, SSS and Forterra, with the commitment of local businesses Turner Construction, Nordstroms, GLY Construction, and Grist Magazine and their employees in addressing climate change through carbon capture. 670 native evergreen trees we're planted in the Stillwater Natural Area which over their lifetimes will capture over 3,300 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. That's capturing the carbon output of 400 average Americans for one year! 

We thank the 41 volunteers and the SSS and Forterra staff who made this event a joyful, fun day in the February rain! Let's do it again! 

Special thanks to our funders Washington Department of Ecology and Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife for making this project possible!

Forterra Evergreen Carbon Capture
photo credit: Chelsey Evans