Spring Education Programs a Success!

Wow! What a busy and fun couple of months our Education Team has had. We led field trips nearly every day of the week for two months! Our team of educators taught students in Marysville, Skykomish, Darrington, Arlington, and Edmonds. In total, we have taught 1,712 elementary through high school students for a collective 3,318 science education hours and planted 986 native trees and shrubs during 504 hours of restoration service-learning.

Over the course of the spring field trip season, we had the privilege of working alongside several of our long-time community partners. These dynamic and important relationships help keep the wheels turning and our projects going. In April, we had several classes from Arlington elementary schools who wanted to do service learning projects, but were lacking an active restoration site nearby. After making a phone call to the City of Arlington, we spoke with Bill Blake-who helped by finding a field trip site for our students. The City of Arlington generously provided trees and SSS supplied the students for a lively field trip! Students helped with a planting project at Country Charm, one of our former habitat restoration sites on the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River. A win/win!We are also grateful for our on-going partnership with the Stillaguamish Tribe’s Natural Resources Department. They provide year-long environmental education classes to students attending Darrington Elementary, and have asked SSS staff to assist in implementing both indoor and outdoor lessons. The final lesson of the year took place at Squire Creek Snohomish County Park. We had a great day with the students and discovered it takes at least nine, 4th graders to hug a 200 year old Sitka Spruce tree!

One more highlight from this year was hosting a field trip on Maloney Creek in Skykomish with the 4th-12th grade students from Skykomish School. We tested water quality and collected macroinvertebrate samples in order to determine how well the creek is recovering from a major flood event last fall. We are happy to report we found a diverse variety of healthy stream bugs! The King County Flood Control District has provided funding for SSS to continue our partnership with Skykomish School for two years, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do this  important work!
I am continually amazed with our talented education staff who get out there day after day and teach lessons to a diverse audience of youth and adults. Their enthusiasm for working with students and passion for the subjects we teach is what makes our team the best! Kelley Govan, our Education and Engagement Project Coordinator, Kyla Caddey, our WCC Intern, and Laura Schreiber, our superstar Education Volunteer were the key players in closing out the 2015-2016 school year. Thank you for all of your hard work!

If you have questions or want to know more about our education programs, please contact Martha Moritz, Education & Engagement Program Coordinator at: martha@soundsalmonsolutions.org.