As we move into our 28th year, we aspire to grow as an organization and a family. We want to expand our programs in habitat restoration, education, and stewardship to connect more of our communities to salmon recovery. Our communities crave to be engaged in salmon recovery - the demand for our programs is greater than ever. We receive daily requests from landowners, school teachers, scout leaders, churches, colleges, community groups, and individuals to help them participate in salmon recovery. However, our capacity to meet those needs is currently limited to grant funded projects. Too often we have to apologize and decline their generous offers because their requests doesn't fit with our current grant funded opportunities. 

We need your support to help us say "Yes! Let's do this!" to every request we receive. 

Your donations will enable us to build a reserve of funds to flexibly meet the needs of our community in a timely manner. A girl scout troop can't wait two years for a grant to come through to get outside and have a good old muddy time planting trees. Teachers need lessons in salmon and water quality for their students to dive into this year, not three years down road when the grant rolls in. By giving to our capacity building fundraising campaign, Jump Up for Salmon! you will help us secure the resources we need to say Yes! to more people who want to connect with our watersheds for salmon recovery through interactive education, volunteer opportunities and hands-on habitat restoration.  

Our goal is to raise $100,000.  Please join our campaign and give any amount, anytime by just clicking the button!

jump up!

Eighty pre-K students from Bellevue Children's Academy saved and donated $106 in quarters to the Jump Up! campaign to "help the salmon"! See the photos of the box of quarters being presented to our Executive Director here!