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Fundraiser - Thank you Thursday @ Rueben's Brews

Reuben's Brews has graciously once again invited us to be the beneficiary of their Thank You Thursdays "pint raisers" for nonprofits! Supporting your favorite little grassroots salmon recovery organization is as easy as showing up, buying beer, tipping the pourers, and bottoms up! $1 of every beer, tasting tray, and growler fill purchased will go to support our habitat, education, and stewardship programs that connect people with our watersheds for the future of salmon. 

There's always a food truck out front at Reuben's, Thursdays it's Nibbles  but there's also burrito and pizza options nearby. Zeek's and Frelard Pizza Co. will both give you a discount for ordering delivery to Reuben's! 

We'll be there with our engagement table from 3-9PM however the fundraiser runs all day from 11AM-10PM so stop by whenever you can! 

See you there! Cheers!