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for educators, volunteers, and salmon enthusiasts

Resources for educators


Willow Creek Hatchery "Salmon in the Classroom" Curriculum - A guide for education at salmon hatcheries.

Drain Rangers - Student-based inquiries to understand stormwater and what actions they can take for clean water.

Native Knowledge 360 Lessons and Resources - Lessons about the culture and history of native peoples in the pacific northwest.

Ocean Portal Curriculum - Ocean-centered lessons created by various ocean science and education organizations.

NOAA Coast Lessons - Estuary-centered lessons from NOAA.

Padilla Bay - Estuary activities from Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve.

Interested in having salmon in your classroom? Check out how with WDFW's School Cooperative Program.

Lesson Databases

NSTA Freebies (one of our favorites) - Education resources from the National Science Teachers Association.

NJCTL Course Materials - Course materials for a variety of subjects from New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning.

Events and Trainings

PEI Trainings and Workshops - NGSS - aligned events organized by the Pacific Education Institute.

Salmon Games and videos

Salmon Challenges - What is it like to swim for salmon to swim to their spawning grounds? Play this educational game to find out!

Resources on salmonids

SalmonScape Map - WDFW's salmon mapping system that shows their distribution, status, and habitats.

FishViews - Ever wanted to explore a river virtually? FishViews allows you to do so and includes water quality data for many of Washington’s large rivers. Many places also have a snapshot of the riverbed.

Watershed Management for Salmon Recovery Reference Guides for 2 regional Watershed Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs).

WRIA 7 - Snoqualmie/Skykomish

WRIA 8 - Lake Washington/Sammamish/Cedar River

Resources on stewardship and volunteering

Volunteer Match Search - Find volunteer events in your area. Searching includes environmental volunteer opportunities!

What are actions I can take to help salmon? Check out this list and WDFW's self-assessment sheet.

Support Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in your region! Not sure which region you're in? Click here.

Sound Salmon Solutions Event Page

Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group Event Page

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association Event Page

         Mid Sound Fisheries Event Page